Earn Compliance


To receive your free Safe Stay® Compliance Certification, decals, and logos, please complete these steps:


1) Complete and sign the Enhanced Industry-Wide Hotel Cleaning Checklist, return it to OHLA (see below)

2) Attest that your property, company or organization will comply with federal, state and local orders and requirements, until such orders and requirements are lifted

3) Provide your contact information and maintain your membership in good standing in OHLA to receive necessary continued updates and changes to compliance information


To maintain your Safe Stay® standards:

Continue to use the available Safe Stay® online education modules to provide additional information to managers and associates.


Return checklist to:

OHLA, 175 S Third St, STE 170, Columbus, OH 43215 or by email info@ohla.org 



00 Ohla Safe Stay Hotel Checklist Rev031521

Enhanced Industry-Wide Hotel Cleaning Checklist


Download Here.

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